Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Quilling Time!


Yesterday, I was attacked by a weird feeling. do you know what was that actually meant? Yes, not that 'weird' feeling. But it is call 'BORED'.
Okay, when that weird feeling came, I'm wondering,what should I do? Should I climb up the tree? No, I'm not good enough to climb up the tree. I'm not a monkey! Don't you dare call me that!

Okay, I'm not in the 'finish-your-homework' mood. So. I thought maybe I should try something new! Something that could make me feel like I'm gorgeous! Okay, stop that Atikah! Do you know how annoying you're? huh? Better ask yourself, before someone tell you that.

I tried to make something that is called 'quilling'! 
Please, have a look!

can you see the big caterpillar?

just look at the sun! beautiful just like me! *sorry, terperasan..tapi memang fakta pun..heheh

okay, that is what we call quilling!

And, today I went to the library with cik jibam from noon till evening.

that's all!
see you for the next post!


zaty said...

rajin betul pegi library :)
anyway matahari tuuuuuu comel ! ^^

Atikah Zul Qarnain said...

heheh..biasa la, keja banyak... tq..=)